Secure the News is Open Source

When we announced Secure the News back in December, we mentioned that we planned to open source the project in the near future. Today we are announcing that Secure the News is open source, available on GitHub and licensed under the GNU AGPL.

If you are interested in contributing to Secure the News, contributions are welcome! We've filed issues for various improvements and new features that we'd like to add to the project, so if you're interested in helping out, check out the GitHub issues with the contributors-welcome label.

If you're interested in forking Secure the News, go right ahead! We'd love to see other groups interested in promoting the adoption of encryption on the web fork Secure the News. There are a lot of popular types of web sites that have good reason to support encryption: libraries and adult sites come immediately to mind, but there are probably many others as well! If you're interested in forking, but have questions about the code or need help deploying your site, get in touch through our Contact page.

Finally, Secure the News depends on the fantastic open source pshtt project for the automated scanning of site's security properties. There are plenty of improvements waiting to be made to that tool as well, so if you're interested in helping out Secure the News, consider contributing to their open issues as well!

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