Introducing Regional Leaderboards on Secure the News

Today, we are adding regional leaderboards to Secure the News. In addition to seeing the full list of news sites on our front page, you can now see focused HTTPS adoption leaderboards for news organizations serving specific geographic regions. We're just getting started with this feature, so we welcome comments, suggestions, and feedback!

You can find the links to the regional leaderboards at the bottom of the Secure the News homepage:

Secure the News Regional Leaderboards

As part of this process, we'll also be updating the list of news organizations featured on Secure the News. If you'd like to see a news organization added to the list, if you'd like to suggest another region, or if you think we have misclassified any of the sites (it's entirely possible!), please submit a ticket here.

What's Next for Secure the News

Since the beginning of this project, HTTPS adoption has come a long way. Encouraging HTTPS adoption will continue to be on our radar, but we're also looking at other ways that news sites around the world can deliver secure content to their readers. Is it having an .onion service? A confidential tipline? Publishing a privacy policy regarding third-party trackers and data collection?

We welcome your feedback on what you'd like to see from Secure the News in the future.

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